Business school admission is very competitive. Obtaining admission requires a supplemental component in addition to an impressive overall application. As many of the students competing with you for admission will be excellent, outstanding students, it is imperative that the school you are applying to gets a sound representation of your academic background, extra-curricular activities, and transferable skills. Communicating this information to the programs of your choice in a clear and concise manner will place you in a more favorable position relative to other students competing with you.

Services we provide to students who are interested in commerce:

During High School:

  • Development of an individualized education plan
  • Recommendations on relevant extracurricular activities that would provide useful transferable skills business schools are looking for
  • Personal statement and essay review and editing
  • Application review
  • Interview coaching

During Undergraduate Years while studying business:

  • Suggestions for getting the most out of your undergraduate university education, including suggestions on extracurricular and leadership activities.
  • Course planning
  • Support for preparing resume, cover letters, etc., as well as interview coaching and job search (co-op jobs, internships, etc.)



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