Admission to MBA programs is becoming increasingly competitive. Many prestigious, high-calibre schools have a gross excess of applicants for the number of seats that are available. Many applicants (including you!) have strong academic and extra-curricular performance, in addition to employment experience. What this means is that you have to work hard to make your application stand out in the ever-increasingly competitive landscape we are dealing with today, and follow your application instructions carefully to meet the application requirements and the deadlines.

Services offered to prospective MBA students:

  • Guidance during the application process to strengthen your profile
  • Personal statement/ application essay review for Canadian post-secondary institutions
  • Interview coaching


We help university students apply to graduate schools (Masters or PhD programs) across Canada, based on their interests and career goals. We will meet with you to review the programs that you are interested in and will provide counselling and support with your application process to increase your chances of admission. We will also help you discover your career path and guide you for your future success. We will answer any questions you may have and provide you with additional resources and information you may require for the program(s) you are applying to.

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