If you are considering a career in medicine and are planning on applying to medical school but unsure of the process and how to put forth a strong application, or have been unsuccessful in previous application cycles, contact us!

We will help you through the various steps of planning, applications, and admission logistics to maximize your chances of admission. Our goal is to provide information about medical school options, admission requirements, preparing personal and biographical sketches, presentation and interview skills, and to coach you through each step of the application process. Gaining medical school admission is an extremely competitive process and requires careful planning and meeting several requirements during your post-secondary studies. We introduce students to the various strategies that will help them continuously enhance their academic and extracurricular standing for admission success.

We deliver information seminars on the following topics:

  • Planning for a career in medicine
  • Essentials for submitting a strong application
  • Personal statement and essays
  • Application review
  • Interview skills coaching

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