“I will never forget the day I met Moira for the first time. I had then just relocated to Canada and was unsure of the admission process. Moira was managing educational programs and working as an advisor at UBC School of Public Health at that time. I reached her office with my 3-month old son sleeping in the pram! After going through my resume, she helped me with the nitty-gritty of admission process to fulfill my dream: joining the Master of Health Sciences program. That was just the beginning of her role in my academic life. She has counseled and supported me during my graduate studies. Though I loved student life, it was not easy managing studies with a baby at home. Moira was my guide, friend and philosopher at that time. She always had a welcoming smile and a piece of advice despite her busy schedule. I was doing the program with full course-load (5 courses a term). She helped me choose appropriate courses to suit my interests and future plans. During the second semester, I was not planning to choose the course for systematic reviews. It was Moira who advised me to pursue the course; and I cannot thank her enough for that. Be it a question about comprehensive exam or choosing a guide for summer project, Moira was always there to direct. I am sure there are many students like me who have been immensely benefited from Moira’s guidance.”

-Vinojah Sivarajah, New immigrant to Vancouver

“Dr. Thejoe is very dedicated and genuinely cares about her clients. She was very supportive to my needs as a new immigrant to Vancouver, Canada, arriving just 2 weeks ago. During my first visit she assessed my needs and interests and provided me with information on all the options and resources available to me for studying, finding work, and settling in Canada, as well as she connected me to the immigrant service institutions in the province. I was impressed by the wealth of Dr. Thejoe’s knowledge on immigrant case management resources and settlement services. I am grateful for the encouragement, support, and the right and timely bridging information that I am receiving from Dr. Thejo soon after I arrived in Vancouver. This will greatly help me to get connected to the Canadian education and employment resources and services right away. I will gladly recommend her services without any reservation to other new immigrants who need bridging services.”
-Vinojah Sivarajah, New immigrant to Vancouver
I recently consulted with Moira regarding resume writing and interview preparation when I was looking for a change in career. I was self-employed for many years. As a first step, I had to update my resume and prepare myself to enter the job market after many years of self-employment. I also had to network and apply for jobs as well as explore resources and job opportunities. Moira helped me with resume writing and interview coaching and also provided me information on other government resources available to people looking for work which was very helpful to me. I enthusiastically recommend Moira to people looking for job search counselling, resume writing, and interview coaching services. She is highly knowledgeable about these areas and is passionate about helping people with her high-quality professional consulting services. I am confident that her services will add significant value to the community.
-J. Rai, IT Professional
“Over many years, Dr. Thejoe has become a dear mentor to me. Her personal accomplishments are many and she’s very knowledgeable about many different opportunities available to students and recent grads. Her sincere interest in my success and her on-going guidance has made her someone I trust and feel privileged to learn from. I would whole-heartedly recommend her services to others.”
-Cynthia Gunaratnam, Medical Student


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